Let Our International Removals Service Take Care of Your Move Logistics

Sea freight shipping is the safe and economical option for international removals. We work with both businesses and individuals to plan and carry out the logistics of their move. Whether you're a large corporation, a single office or need to only move a room full of furniture, we can provide the right shipping solution to transport your goods safely around the world. And with our expert logistics services, businesses can minimise the disruption to production and productivity.

Specialised Transport Options

Not only are many office and household items bulky and awkward, you also need a service which will cater for more delicate items such as artworks, electronic equipment and vehicles. We are the experts in transporting items overseas and have a range of options for the appropriate moving of delicate items, including specialised vehicles equipped with air-ride suspension and tailgate lift.

Professional Packing

We can professionally pack items such as electronics, IT and medical equipment to protect against damage during transit. Smaller international removals, such as less than a room full, can be packed on a pallet, which is more economical and a safer way for your furniture and other belongings to travel.

Timeframes & Delivery to the Door

We also offer intermodal transport, ensuring your items can be transported from depot/port to your new office or storage. We work with you to determine appropriate timeframes for transport and delivery. You are kept informed of an arrival date and availability for collection by SMS and our modern, online tracking technology.

Our sea freight shipping allows consignments to arrive according to your predetermined deadlines. We can advise you on timeframes and current shipping schedules. Contact us for more information by calling 1300 668 000, send an online enquiry or visit one of our service centres.

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